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Reverend Glenda Parker                                                   Executive Director

Reverend Glenda J. Parker applies her diverse leadership experiences in community organization, management, and nonprofits as Executive Director of the Western Pennsylvania Community of Hope.  Her former roles include Community Life Specialist at a large social service agency where she focused on the strategic areas of programming and management. She also served a Director of Claim, Inc. where she championed positive ethics and advanced civic engagement while developing educational and recreational programs for at-risk youth. Her current work as Administrator at Mount Calvary Baptist Church of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania afford her the opportunity to have greater impact by identifying emerging trends in social activities, engaging in critical policy issues, overseeing budgeting and fundraising, and overseeing the launch and deployment of innovative programs and services while advancing WPCH's mission throughout the community.

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Jordan P. Allen, Sr.                                                             Director of Operations

Jordan P. Allen, Sr. is recognized as a visionary community leader, program development specialist, and content expert throughout the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding communities. He is the lead Director who manages the key operational areas of fundraising, program development and management, outcomes and reporting, recruiting and logistics, and marketing and branding.  Jordan is a four-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. and is currently enrolled in Point Park University studying Criminal Justice with a minor in Organizational Leadership.  He is regarded one of Pittsburgh's brightest stars and emerging leaders who has managed to tap the pulse of some of Pittsburgh's most troubled neighborhoods, while offering on-trend solutions to chronic conditions and dilemmas.  As a husband and father of four, Jordan still finds time to serve as a committed youth leader at his church, and talented volunteer and personal mentor. 


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Kristian M. Parker, Esquire, Board Parliamentarian

Kristian M. Parker, J.D. is the Parlimentarian for the HOPE board of directors.  Attorney Parker is currently serving as Supervisory Immigration Services Officer with the United States Department of Homeland Security.  Ms. Parker brings extensive legal training to the board as well as years of experience working with diverse populations and multiple ethnic groups.  Ms. Parker also has experience in labor and employee relations.