People are talking about HOPE and the impact and inspiration that its leadership and programs have had on their families, community and individual lives...

Quincy Manhood, age 12, has been a part of The Community of Hope.  Mr. Jordan Allen has been outstanding in instructing and supporting my son’s education and fostering the maturity of my children.  We celebrate Quincy’s achievement as he enters the gifted program. Thank you for your support.  Ms. Starlet Riley, Guardian

“My son Joshua Hardaway, age 16, has participated in the “pop-up” services provided by The Western Pennsylvania Community of Hope for approximately 3 years.  Reverend Parker and her staff have been committed to providing consistent activities and programs to the families of Wilkinsburg and surrounding areas.  We are happy to share the success of my son’s new position as an intern at the Pittsburgh Board of Education.”  Ms. Harriet King, Parent

“Thinking back on the program honoring the veterans, I had my own wake up call. How special they felt when someone took an interest in their well- being and how blessed my life is.  I witnessed the power of personal interaction, swapping stories, a hot meal, games and laughter.  They are such an integral part of our community, but pretty much a forgotten treasure.  They have so much knowledge and experience that we can tap into to encourage our youth and provide a platform for intergenerational programs.  Community of Hope has opened the doors to such interactions. As a volunteer, I have seen this gathering grow and foster lasting relationships.  These experiences can only develop and strengthen the mission of The Community of Hope.”  Ms. Linda D. Haymon, Retired Teacher Pittsburgh Public Schools

“I am thankful that the Community of Hope has seen the need and therefore became dedicated to being an agent for change in our community.  I will continue to support this endeavor.”               Ms. Sue Doss, Community Volunteer

“I have chosen to offer my support to the Western Pennsylvania Community of Hope in any way that I can. I recognize the value of this program and I trust the commitment that is shown toward the community.”  Ms. Eugenia Moore. Past President Wilkinsburg Borough Council