Volunteer with Community of Hope

We are always looking for good people to help us serve our youth directly and/or increase our capacity to rebuild our at-risk communities. We appreciate your talent, time, love, and social capital. If you have your Act 33 and 34 clearances, you would be able to work with the kids directly. Read below for our volunteer vision and fill out the contact form in the right sidebar: please mention in the "message" section that you would like to volunteer. 

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Volunteer your Talents

Everyone is good at something, and Community of Hope has relied on a number of special talents over the years. People who can cook. People who know computers. People who can write. People who can teach. People who can really listen when our kids tell them their troubles and their dreams. What talent have you been given that might help turn a child's life around? 

Volunteer your Time

There is no denying that working individually with kids takes time. There's no app to speed up some of the encounters that kids need, and sometimes all that they need is for us to be there, to care, and to give them some positive attention. Do you have a couple of hours a week you could spare? 


Volunteer your Love

What every kid needs is to know that he or she is loved and valued, even when things aren't going so well. Love has many languages, but kids are good at interpreting them all if our hearts are genuine. If you don't know what you could practically help with, but you know you can love our kids, come on board!

Volunteer your Social Capital

All of us operate in networks of friends and family - our own grapevines of news and people resources. Help the word of Hope to travel fast! Follow us on social media and share our news and needs with your network. The broader our social connections, the more leverage Community of Hope will have to help our kids.