Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide programs and services for children and families in the community of Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania that will support their education, cultivate self-determination, and improved their overall quality of life

Our Vision

Our Vision is one of personal and collective engagement that leads to transformation and a change in the success trajectory of individuals, families, and community.

1.     Launch innovative after-school programs that attract and maintain young people’s attention
2.    Create a safe and beautiful space for children to dream, achieve and learn
3.    Build a strong organizational legacy that will serve the community for generations
4.    Expose young people and families to diverse cultural experiences
5.    Prepare and equip young people for successful careers and lifelong learning
6.    Develop dynamic programs that foster cohesive & inter-generational relationships
7.     Create an ongoing series of youth leadership training experiences,  and mentoring programs
8.    Mobilize meaningful youth outreach to seniors & others in need


Our Values

Our Values encompass fresh Ideas, innovative concepts, and foundational beliefs that influence our decision-making and take into consideration to the overall human condition

1.    We are a faith-based organization that believes in the Power of God and the inherent moral          value of each and every human being.        
2.   We believe that all people need support, inspiration and encouragement. This intention                   leads to the the realization of greatest and best in every man, woman, and child.  
3.   We are committed to the people and the community we serve. There is a human,                             social, educational, economic, and moral condition that we intend to improve and uplift.  
4.   We strive to be highly effective and impactful in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of         children and families.  Our success is measured by lives changed and transformed, and well as       programming models that produce actionable results and deliverables.